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Four Attempts at Recalling Lubbock Councilman Have Mayor Calling for Changes to Recall Rules

Without taking a position on the local political issues, the changes suggested by the Mayor (via Fox 34 Lubbock) are already part of many charters in Texas.

“My input would be that if you had a failed recall petition on a councilman, another one couldn’t be started for a minimum of six months,” Robertson said. “That would get rid of this, ‘one after another, after another, after another.’ The other thing I would like to change is that if a councilman has less than a year left on their term, you can’t file a petition.”

Cibolo City Council Rejects Recall Attempt for November Election

Another illustration of traps for the unwary in recall petitions.  While city charters provide for recall procedures, most charters are not frequently updated. The Texas Election Code provides additional requirements and sometimes trumps contrary city provisions.  In this case, the Council reportedly rejected the recall attempt of four councilmembers because the petition was submitted too late for the election to be placed on the November ballot.  The city must comply with state rules regarding how far in advance the ballot must be prepared.  However, this seems to raise a question as to whether the City has a duty to place the election on the next available uniform election date, which would be May 2014.  

Dispute Over Charter Meaning in Rio Grande City Recall

The Monitor reports on a recall petition drive in Rio Grande City, Texas:

Citing concerns over spending, a local business owner is pushing for the recall of the mayor and most of the City Commission, but City Attorney Jacqueline Salinas indicated the man will need to gather far more signatures than he thinks.


Cibolo Recall of Four City Council Members Slated for November

Via San Antonio Express News:

Voters in Cibolo will decide the fate of the entire City Council in November, after the council voted 6-1 late Thursday to put the recall vote for four council members on the ballot.

Critics of council members Ron PeddleNancy HaleLarry Carlton and Steve Liparoto secured the necessary 150 signatures on recall petitions to force the vote on Nov. 5. Originally, the four weren’t up for reelection until 2014.

The other three council district seats already were up for reelection, and the mayor’s position is available because Mayor Jennifer Harkin can’t run again due to term limits.

Andre Larkins submitted the recall petitions because he believes the council members haven’t done enough to stop Walmart’s plans to build a 182,000 square-foot store on a 22-acre site between Borgfeld Road, Cibolo Valley Drive and North Main Street.

Council members have said they don’t like the site Walmart has chosen but had to approve a plat of the land for the proposed site because all requirements had been met for approval.

More background here.