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Shaun McCutcheon and David Bossie (of Citizens United) appear together on free speech panel at 2014 Republican Leadership Conference

Yesterday the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans kicked off with a panel on free speech.  The panel featured the plaintiffs in the two most recent landmark First Amendment campaign finance cases, Shaun McCutcheon (who successfully challenged the federal aggregate limits) and David Bossie (president of Citizens United).  This was the first time the plaintiffs from McCutcheon and Citizens United have been featured together to discuss their cases.  Jerad Najvar, one of McCutcheon’s attorneys in the lawsuit, moderated the discussion.  Former FEC commissioner Hans Von Spakovsky was also on the panel.

2014 RLC panel

Jerad Najvar (moderator), Hans von Spakovsky, Shaun McCutcheon, David Bossie.

Hat tip to Ali Akbar (@Ali) for the pic via Twitter.