Insight Into Lois Lerner’s Philosophical Moorings

This piece features lengthy quotes from nationally-known political law attorney Craig Engle, who worked with Lerner at the FEC, including this:

Engle says Lerner saw violations around every corner, even when her legal reasoning was slight.  “Under [Lerner], the general counsel’s office functioned as a prosecutor.  Nine times out of ten, her recommendations were against the respondent.  I think she was philosophically opposed to money in politics and was very much a critic of people spending money in political affairs.  She could always find a violation — at least in her opinion, or in her head.  In my opinion, her interpretation of the law was sometimes just incorrect.”

This contradicts earlier news reports that Lerner was apolitical. Or, at least, indicates that even if she’s not devoted to partisan issues per se, she may have philosophical beliefs about government that inform and animate her decisions. “Apolitical” does not necessarily mean unbiased.