Smart Pieces Regarding #McCutcheon Today by Brad Smith and Democratic Attorney Bob Bauer

Center for Competitive Politics President (and Capital University Law Professor) Brad Smith’s take in the National Review Online: Objecting to the Declaration of Independence?

Democratic election law attorney Bob Bauer’s criticism of Lawrence Lessig’s novel corruption theory appears on Bauer’s blog, More Soft Money Hard Law: “Dependence Corruption” Before the Supreme Court

David Gans of the Constitutional Accountability Center offers an unpersuasive response to Bauer’s criticism here. For starters, even if one completely accepts CAC’s submission that the Founders were focused on so-called “institutional” corruption, not corruption of individuals, it remains to establish how an institution made up of elected individuals becomes corrupt. ┬áThere is no answer offered to the central argument in McCutcheon–that no single candidate is corrupted just because another candidate or political committee received an amount-limited contribution.