ICYMI: McAllen’s KGBT TV Report Prior to Last Week’s Palmas v Sanchez Hearing

Nadia Galindo with KGBT Channel 4 interviewed Hidalgo Councilman Guillermo Ramirez and attorney Jerad Najvar prior to last Friday’s temporary injunction hearing in Palmas v. Sanchez.


Najvar objected to procedural deficiencies with the Plaintiffs’ petition, and the judge rescheduled the hearing for November 1, allowing the plaintiffs to amend. ┬áIn the meantime, as Defendants pointed out, the court had no further authority to extend the temporary restraining order, so S to N Transport was able to finally begin running its buses–competing directly with Councilmember Franz’s STS Transportation–picking up passengers at the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge and transporting them to McAllen.