McAllen’s The Monitor Reports on Hidalgo County Judge’s Astounding Injunction Order to Protect City Councilman’s Bus Monopoly

Read this report by The Monitor’s Dave Hendricks.  It accurately describes the court proceeding.  Then, read this editorial from The Monitor: “Governance by judicial fiat in Hidalgo City isn’t working.”  The editorial contains this quote:

In other words, forget the free enterprise system and forget the merits of competition. A monopoly that happens to protect the business interests of an elected public official is preferable to businesses competing for customers, which might protect the interests of the public.

If only Judge Contreras had been around when cell phone companies had the audacity to take business away from landline companies, or when automobile companies had the audacity to take business away from saddle makers.

Najvar Law Firm is representing S to N Transport, the company enjoined by the temporary injunction, as well as the two defendant councilmembers from the City of Hidalgo. This order left us speechless, and we will be taking immediate action to rectify it.  Currently, a hearing on our motion for sanctions (on behalf of the two councilmembers) and motion to increase the bond amount is set for Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 8 am.  Additional legal actions will be taken immediately, and we do not expect this injunction to remain in place for long.