The Monitor’s latest article on Weslaco election contest involving serious vote fraud allegations

Story here, including this:

Lopez amended her original lawsuit Wednesday as well, adding claims that many voters were influenced improperly by Hidalgo County Precinct 1 and Weslaco city employees.

It alleges the precinct placed a sign saying who to vote for near a work time clock, a police officer drove voters to the polls and city employees were involved in creating a tabloid — the controversial and mysterious “truth” publication — to promote Rivera’s slate.

It also listed the names of 43 people who cast mail-in ballots that it says should not have been counted for various reasons.

“These pervasive illegalities in ballots voted by mail are the result of a concerted effort by Contestee Rivera’s campaign to encourage voters to seek ballot by mail applications, some of which were fraudulently submitted on behalf of voters not eligible … or even completing ballots without direction from the voters,” the suit says.

“The ballot by mail scheme allowed the Rivera campaign to exercise undue influence on such voters in a manner that would not be possible, or at least would be harder to achieve, if the voter were to vote in person.”