Why is the Obama Admin trying to suppress healthcare for those without photo ID?

I’m in McAllen preparing for the trial in Lopez v. Rivera, beginning next Monday.  Whatever radio station I had on this morning featured a guest from Democratic Cong. Ruben Hinojosa’s (TX-15) office, promoting the Affordable Care Act registration fair at the McAllen Convention Center.  Hinojosa’s staffer advised that folks come out and register before they’re “penalized” for lack of coverage by March 31, and said everyone should bring their Social Security card and…wait for it…photo ID.

So, my question is: Why are the authorities promoting Obamacare intentionally suppressing fellow citizens who may not have access to a photo ID and infringing on their access to healthcare?  Because we know from Democrats that when you require a photo ID, you are intentionally suppressing access, rather than serving some anti-fraud purpose.