Campaigns & Elections Mag: “Text donations spread down ballot”

The TEC’s approval last week of Harris County Republicans’ text-to-donate request continues to garner national attention (see last week’s Roll Call story). Campaigns & Elections Magazine has a story today, including this:

“I think the most interesting use of text-to-donate will be in reaching large numbers of ‘unwired’ potential donors or those who aren’t effectively reachable by phone, mail, or email,” says Peter Pasi, executive VP of eMotive. “These voters—many of whom are African-Americans and Latinos who use their smartphone as their primary device to connect to the web—are also heavy users of SMS.  It presents a unique opportunity for Republicans to generate new donors from—and start building real connections into this community.”

It’s time for Republicans and conservatives to reach out, and quit ceding technology advantages to liberals. This was the subject of another guest piece by Brian Donahue that ran in C&E today. Texas, full of cultural and economic conservatives, and minority communities that are natural Republicans, is fertile territory to start making technology work for us. This advisory opinion gets the ball rolling. But it’s only the first step.

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