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NLF IS HIRING: Associate Attorney for Constitutional/Election Litigation and Appeals

Najvar Law Firm, PLLC is looking for a highly skilled and motivated young attorney.  Recent graduates who just took the bar, as well as young attorneys with a few years’ experience, are welcome to apply.

Job Description

Constitutional and political litigation; focusing on election and First Amendment issues including campaign finance, ethics (for public officials), and other speech and election-related litigation, both trial and appellate. We are committed to aggressively defending First Amendment rights of speech, political association and liberty in general.

NLF is a political litigation boutique providing a rare opportunity to practice constitutional and election litigation at the highest levels. In the last four years, NLF has scored four major victories striking down campaign finance laws in federal courts, another Fifth Circuit victory in a Fourth Amendment false arrest case, and won an election contest trial in South Texas resulting in landmark precedent from the Thirteenth Court of Appeals protecting voting rights. Specifically, NLF: served as co-counsel to Shaun McCutcheon, who prevailed in McCutcheon v. FEC, in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down federal aggregate contribution limits; secured an opinion from the Fifth Circuit in Aug. 2014 facially invalidating Texas’s waiting period on new PACs (Catholic Leadership v. Reisman); won a district court judgment in 2015 invalidating Houston’s blackout period on fundraising for city office (Gordon v. City of Houston); secured a decision from the Fifth Circuit in February 2017 on behalf of a client who was arrested for holding a sign outside of an abortion clinic; and, in February 2018, secured a Fifth Circuit judgment affirming the invalidation of two Austin laws restricting campaign fundraising (Zimmerman v. Austin). We have filed a petition for cert with the Supreme Court in Zimmerman with respect to two other issues in the case (No. 18-93). NLF also has a petition for review pending in the Texas Supreme Court in a case involving important taxpayer rights regarding tax elections, and is prosecuting an election contest challenging the November 2017 Houston election for a billion-dollar bond issue, alleging that the City used misleading ballot language. That case is currently pending in the First Court of Appeals. The person hired for this position will play an integral role in litigating these and other cases. Additional NLF cases in the past have involved a challenge to a Dallas sign ban, and an economic liberty (commerce clause) challenge to a municipal transportation regulation.

NLF is looking to hire a full time associate. This position requires an individual with the highest demonstrated academic achievement and an aggressive, problem-solving attitude. Research and writing skills are essential. Given that we are a small firm, after demonstrating the requisite skill, you can expect to be trained and tasked with significant responsibility much sooner than at a larger firm.

This practice is the antithesis of the typical volume-based business. We prosecute (and defend) a relatively small number of cases and administrative matters, but they are each unique and demanding. The work is intellectually rigorous and demands serious research and creative thinking. You must be self-driven and motivated to shape the law on these issues.

This position is open immediately. Applications welcomed from recent JD graduates and attorneys with a few years’ experience. (Also interested in interviewing 2Ls/3Ls as part-time clerks.)

Desired Skills & Experience

JD required; excellent research and writing; self-driven; persistent; passionate about the issues

Starting salary 55-65K first year.

Email me with your resume, law school transcript, and at least one writing sample